Take Action & Make a Difference

Action ideas - Including items from video which you can view on Resources page.


· Hold cottage meetings for neighbors.   To get a copy of a user friendly power point for these and other meetings. send an email with your name and phone number to standstrongfortheconstitution@gmail 

· Reach out to friends and neighbors, talk to them, spread the word, distribute brochures. 

· Post relevant items on social media (post on Facebook, tweet, texts, etc.) Send emails.  Like phone trees of years past, email trees can be VERY effective. 

· Connect with legislators Talk to both your Utah State Senator and Representative them about this issue. Invite them to attend your cottage meetings.  Carbon copy legislators on emails that you send out. 

· Invite friends and neighbors to do the same things you are doing.

· Get involved during legislative session. Provide your email so you can receive alerts. Come help at the capitol as you are able.

· Write essay or produce video for the contest and or encourage others to participate.  Theme: Abide by the Constitution, Don’t Change It. Details are on this website-essay page. 

· Join the Coalition.  Remember there is no cost and no obligation to be a part of our coalition network. If you are a member of an organization that belongs to the coalition you may get emails and updates through your  organization, but to get updates directly scroll down to the “Join Now” button on the homepage of this website. 

· Donate money to the cause  to pay for brochures, etc. Donations can be made using paypal or credit card by going to the bottom of the home page on the website:  Checks, made out to Stand Strong for the Constitution, can be mailed to 1615 S. Carterville Road, Orem, UT 84097


An Immediate Priority

On Feb 23 2017, HJR 03 Joint Resolution Calling for a Convention to Amend the Constitution of the United States was defeated on the Utah Senate Floor.  -- Nelson (House Sponsor) - Vickers (Senate Sponsor)  How did your Senator Vote? Go HERE to find out.

No Article V Convention Resolution went through the legislative process during Utah's 2018 session but the new  Utah Convention of States Project leader will be trying to convince our legislators to pass their application resolution in 2019

so they ALSO need to hear from us, AS WELL AS from as many like-minded friends and neighbors as possible!  

If your senator voted against in 2017 please make a point of contacting him/her to find out if she/ he still opposes an Article V and encourage him  to continue to stand strong against any such resolutions in the upcoming session.   If he voted  FOR HJR 3,  let him know how important this issue to you and share your expectations that he will oppose any and all such resolutions in the 2019 session.  You might also share a link to a favorite video or article.

Some members of our coalition are ALSO asking their state senators and representatives to sponsor/support resolution(s) to RESCIND any active call for a constitutional convention.  Are you aware that three states recently passed rescission resolutions?  Here are links to their documents: NEW MEXICO,  MARYLAND, NEVADA And here is a downloadable MODEL RESCISSION RESOLUTION.