Before Calls for Article V Convention Can be Rescinded....

WHAT IS UTAH'S CURRENT STATUS REGARDING AN ARTICLE V CONVENTION?  in 2015, the legislature passed HJR 7 calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).  In 2019, SJR 9, a Convention of States resolution,  was passed in both the Utah Senate and House, becoming   the 14th state to approve the Convention of States (COS) application.   Learn more about COS below,  

WHEN WILL A CONVENTION BE CALLED?  We don't know.  According to Article V of the Constitution, Congress must receive applications from 34 states before it will call a Convention.  COS needs 20 more states to pass its call for a convention.  Congress  currently has live applications from 28 states calling for a convention to propose a BBA.  Applications from only six more states would trigger that call.  


1)   Help Stop the USMCA

2)   Know  the Constitution and hold elected officials accountable to their  Oath of Office (Article 6) 



1) Help Stop the USMCA

United States Mexico Canada Agreement


One of the most imminent threats to our constitution is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  The USMCA  continues the destruction of U.S. sovereignty begun by NAFTA by establishing a "Free Trade Commission" that will promote "further economic integration" between the United States, Mexico, and Canada.As we have learned from the example of the European Union (EU), economic integration leads to political integration.   The USMCA could be introduced to Congress for a vote as early as spring 2019.  To learn more, click on this link:   USMCA-WHAT THEY ARE NOT TELLING YOU and click HERE  for additional materials.  Then

    A) Make calls to stop the USMCA

                   President Trump:  202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414

                   Your Representative: 202-225-3121

                   Your Senator: 202-224-4121

    B) Tell others how they can learn about the USMCA and help stop it.


2 Know the Constitution and Hold Officials Accountable to their Oath

We must know the Constitution ourselves and vote for candidates who will support and defend it.

 Clearly it will be important for Utah to rescind HJR 7 and SJR 9, but  in order for that that to happen a majority of our state legislatures  will need to understand that calling a convention is not necessary and  that  their constituents do not want and Article V convention.  

Let’s continue in our efforts to be informed.  Let’s be engaged and vigilant, and encourage others to do likewise..  As we continue to learn more about the Constitution, to help others understand it, and to hold our US and State Legislators accountable to the oath they made to support and defend it.  See:  WHEN WILL WE HOLD THEM TO THEIR OATH.  To  get a copy of the entire article click HERE or text 801-224-1769.   Let’s help elected officials understand that the real power of the states is not in trying to amend the Constitution but is in refusing to implement or support unconstitutional mandates coming out of Washington. Such nullification is an important part of keeping the oath of office and is therefore constitutional. 


Convention of States (COS)

What is Convention of States (COS)?


COS is a well-funded organization that has been lobbying our state legislators to support a new call for a constitutional convention in Utah's  2019 legislative session.   

COS says that the government is out of control, that the debt is too high, and that too many politicians don't listen to us. We agree, BUT THEN they say that the ONLY way to fix these problems is to call a convention. While this option is described in Article V of the US Constitution, it has never been implemented and there are many unknowns.  But this is NOT the time to put the Constitution at risk. Why?

THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT BROKEN. Most of the problems our country faces  would be solved by insisting that our elected officials honor their oath of office and follow the Constitution as it is written. Until they do this, how can we expect that changing the Constitution will change Congress?  Why would Congress follow an amended Constitution when they refuse to abide by the Constitution now?  

COS says that the convention they are promoting would be restricted to 

1) Proposing amendments that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government; 

2) Limiting the federal government's  power and jurisdiction; and,

3) Imposing term limits on its officials and members of Congress.

These COS "restrictions" are so broad that most of the Constitution could be subject to change.  But addressing these three issues IS instructive. 

1) To implement  fiscal restraints, Congress simply needs to limit spending to what is allowed by the Constitution.  This would reduce government and spending by 80%.

2)  The Constitution already limits the power and jurisdiction of the central government. Article 1 Section 8 describes these limits. When these limits are ignored, each individual state has the right, and some would even say  the obligation, to refuse to comply.  This is known as nullification. The Real ID Act gives an example of how effective this can be.  DETAILS HERE.    

3) We already have a way to limit terms of Congress. It is called the ballot box. Elections can end the term of any politician. Many don't know that the founders considered (and then rejected) term limits.  They knew that when officials could not be reelected, they would feel less accountable to the people during their final "lame duck" term. Term limits would also take away our freedom to reelect those we want to keep in office.



COS  wants it to appear that they have more supporters than they actually do. In this 5-MINUTE VIDEO INTERVIEW, Representative Moon of Idaho exposes the COS fraud in our neighboring state. 


Unfortunately, COS has accused those who don't agree with them of being cowards. COS claims there is nothing to fear. After all, their simulated/mock convention 21-23 Sept 2016 proceeded "flawlessly."

Of course it would be a success because it was so carefully manipulated.   The organizers decided who should come, helped make the rules, chose the leadership, limited it to three days, dictated the schedule, paid all the expenses, and oversaw the process. It was not real. Nothing was at stake, so everyone was agreeable. All but five of the 137 hand-picked delegates were Republicans, so there was no vying for power. The problem is that a REAL convention would be much different, and without guarantees. 


While there are many expectations and much speculation, when it comes to an actual Article V Convention, there are mostly unanswered questions. For example: Where will a convention be held? Who will choose delegates and how will they be chosen? How long will a convention take and who will pay the expenses?  Why would those who value the constitution work with anti -constitution groups and individuals to call a convention?  What do those who view the Constitution as a hindrance (and who think the Constitution should be replaced) hope to gain from a convention? No legislator should support and convention until these and many MORE QUESTIONS can be answered.


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