"Stand Strong for the Constitution"
A Utah Coalition

Organizations and individuals who understand the need to follow the Constitution’s guidelines for limited government

About Us

To learn about our Essay/Video Contest, click link above. To view videos from our Nov 16 event, click link to Resource page. To help with our information table on January 13, '2018, go to Take Action page .............................................................. YOU ARE INVITED TO BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR COALITION NETWORK!

There is no cost and no obligation to join Stand Strong for the Consitution so we can work together to preserve the Constitution.  (Scroll down this page and look for the button:  "JOIN NOW")

Many individuals and organizations have already joined including: 

Kathy Smith

Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari Report*

Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc.

Constitution Party of Utah

Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County

John Birch Society

Liberty Forum

Liberty Roundtable

National Independent American Party

Newquist Group

Principled Liberty Foundation

Science Freedom

To Preserve the Nation

Utah Campaign for Liberty

Utah County Republican Assembly

Utah Eagle Forum

Utah Independent American Party

* gives "Stand Strong for the Constitution"  a highly recommended gold star rating.

Coalition Mission

Stop any calls by Utah for an Article V Convention (also known as a "Convention of States," a "constitutional convention," or "con-con"), and rescind any current calls. Such an event would accommodate diverse amendment proposals, which would erode the protections to life, liberty, and property, that are currently guaranteed by the constitution.

To learn more about an Article V Convention and what is happening in Utah, and for links to informative videos, etc., visit Calling a Con Con by clicking on this link: www.callingaconcon.weebly.com

Correct Course of Action

Follow the constitution as understood by those who ratified it. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison taught that states should erect barriers against the encroachment of the federal authority. All public servants (particularly our governor, attorney general, state legislators, county sheriffs, and county clerks), supported by an informed citizenry, should ignore (nullify) every executive order, legislative statute, judicial opinion, and bureaucratic regulation that exceeds the bounds of the constitution.

Essay/Video Contest

Theme- Abide by the Constitution, don't change it!

Why an Article V Covention is not the solution.

Join the coalition network today! There is no cost to be a member and no obligation.

 You do not have to be a part of  a member organization to join with us; however, if you ARE a member of an organization that is already part of the coalition, YOU may ALSO join as an individual in order to receive information and updates directly.   

To join, click the JOIN NOW button below  to go to a Google Form where you can enter your contact information.  In the last field  you can add  a few details, if you would like, so we can get to know you better! 

We will not sell or give away your contact information. We will use it to contact you from time to time (especially during the legislative session) in our efforts to preserve the Constitution, rescind HJR 7, and to stop other related resolutions and legislation.

Progress Reports

Thank you, Members and Volunteers

Stand Strong for the Constitution is a true grass-roots effort.  By working together to educate others and take action,  we are making a difference. 

Our Membership is Growing

In the past few months, additional organizations and a several hundred individuals have joined our coalition to "Stand Strong for the Constitution."

Promoting the Constitution

We continue to distribute pocket copies of the Constitution and our  brochures that alert Americans about the dangerous movement to change the Constitution through an Article V Convention.  

How You Can Help

How to Donate


Or if you would rather send a check, please make it out to Stand Strong For The Constitution and mail it to: Stand Strong, 1615 S. Carterville Rd., Orem, UT 84097

For More Information about an Article V Convention

Go to our Resource page.

To Contact Us

If you have questions or want more information, please send an email to standstrongfortheconstitution@gmail.com OR call (801) 224-1769.